[2019 full preservation version] 12 selection of plug-ins to make AdobeXD easier to use [UI/UX designer must see】

By entering AdobeCC, it seems that more and more people are using AdobeXD when creating wires from Sketch and Photoshop.

I started using XD a little while ago, but it's very light and easy to use, so I'm doing missionary work around me.

I want you to try it by all means if you have not used it.

Well, adobexd is such, but by putting a plug-in, it is more easy to use, you can more efficient work.

So this time I will introduce the recommended plug-ins that can be used in AdobeXD.

Please install and use it by all means.

I recommend this place, too.


"VizziCharts" that graphs can be created in no time

A plug-in that allows you to visualize and graph actual numerical data in no time.

Color adjustment, resizing, repetition of shapes, etc. "Style Mate" in no time

Adjustment of color, resizing, repetition of shapes, etc., plug-in simply enter the shortcut code from the dedicated panel can be done in no time.
I think that it is possible to design at about ten times the speed usually when became accustomed to the tool.
Let's make the difference about using the shortcut in the photosho and the irare, and not using it.

Code your design in no time!?Yotako.

A plug-in that automatically converts the design data you made into source code.

Confetti makes it easy to create background patterns

Create the shape that will be the source of the pattern, and you'll be able to complete the background pattern in no time with one click.
It is matched not only to the background of the whole site, but also to the background of the box and the menu, and becomes the accent of the design.

Icondrop allows you to find icons from millions of libraries

A plug-in that allows you to search for icons from millions of libraries and insert them onto the artboard.

Zeplin is a quick way to get design instructions and information.

It is a plug-in that automatically generates a style guide with design instructions and information.
Because it automatically generates it without making the instruction manual by oneself, I only put a little correction and a comment!It takes a lot of time.
It seems to be able to be used for Sketch and Photoshop.

"Airtable" for easy insertion of dummy text and images

A plug-in that inserts repetitive text, images, and other content generated from airtable-based.
It becomes short time because it is not necessary to look for the sample text and the image by oneself.

Rename it allows layer names to be replaced in bulk

A plug-in that allows you to replace the selected layer name in bulk.
You can change multiple layers at the same time or increase the number.
It is recommended for the person who tends to be messy layer because it is easy to arrange it later.

Odin Chart for inserting maps and chart charts

Plug-ins that allow you to insert maps, charts, graphs, tables, etc.

Text Toolbox for convenient text layer adjustments

A plug-in that allows you to adjust the height of the text area to fit the content, and to adjust around text, such as text substitution and capitalization.

"UI Faces" that avatars can be created in no time

Foreign people will be the main, but you can generate all kinds of avatars.
When you design the part to put the avatar, the atmosphere of the site is easy to understand when the face photo is included in ate, this plug-in is active.

Easy to line up the art board!Artboard Plus

You can easily align the disjointed artboards themselves, fit them to the size of the selected objects, and sort them.
Adobe MAX2018 session seems to have been introduced as one of the plug-ins.

I recommend this place, too.