Recommended for 2019 illustrations and sketches!Easy-to-use stylus / digital touch pen ranking]

More and more creative tablets, such as the iPad Pro, are making drawing and making videos.

I think many people draw and draft designs on their tablets.

So this time I'll introduce the recommended stylus pen/ touch pen.

I want to debut a tablet, but what should I choose with a stylus pen/touch pen?
・Operability is good with fingers, but thin lines cannot be drawn well.
・The reaction of the stylus pen / touch pen bought appropriately is bad.

Please refer to it by all means.

2019 stylus pen / touch pen ranking recommended for illustrations and sketches

If you're using an iPad, applepencil is a must

Because it's an Apple product, applepencil is a must if you're using the iPad Pro.
It is easy to write, easy to hold, and perfect without a rug.

The iPad Pro's pressure sensing screen and ApplePencil work well, and because you can draw thin lines and gradients as you want, honestly one head is jumping through than other stylus pens/ touch pens.
It is a stylus pen / touch pen that can be recommended for any layer from beginner to expert.

Easy to work with Apple products.
・Because it does not react even if i touch the screen with a finger while writing, the mistake decreases.
・Easy to put the strength of the character, the slip of the pen is easy to write well.
Anyway stylish.
・It is inconvenient to carry around because there is no clip.Easy to lose.

Other pens are not much different when it comes to charging and connecting, but ApplePencil feels good compared to other products.

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Light and easy to write!"Neo Smartpen N2" that can be recorded

If anything, this pen is not a stylus / touch pen, but it is a digital pen closer, but the cooperation between analog and digital is convenient, and it is a good product of the convenience that can save the thing written on paper as data.
It is recommended for the director who exchanges rough pictures, and the illustrator who writes the sketch by analog and is written digitally.

Moreover, because it is possible to record the voice, the work efficiency seems to go up such as recording while taking the rough in the customer, and actually dropping it into the design while listening to the voice later.

・Easy to use of pressure detection, it is possible to write even a small part.
・Because cooperation is crispy quickly, it is not irritated.
Because it is light weight, I use it and do not get tired.
・Since the power is automatically turned on when you start writing, there is no link leak age even in the event of an emergency.
Constant pressure is required when using.
It is better to have a special paper.

Cospa the best!"Mixoo Capacitive Stylus Pen" for cheap and easy to write

There are two types of disc type that are rubber-coated so that the tip of the pen does not scratch the fiber type and the pen tip well, and it is a pen which can be used close to the use.
If you draw a picture or take notes, disk type, if you use it for games and browsing, is it separate disused like fiber type?

Because the disc type is rubber-coded, it is easy to see the pen tip because it is hard to scratch, and the rubber disk is transparent and is easy to use.
The price is cheap, but there is no lag and it is a good product.I think it's good for the stylus pen/touch pen debut.

Anyway, the price is cheap, and it is high function.(Around 1,000 yen)
It can be used differently depending on the application.
It is hard to get scratched.
React from the top of the film.
Fiber type requires pressure.
・ A little trouble sometrouble to remove the cap.(for screw type)

Excellent comfort and ease of use!If you choose this first timeAdonit Dash3 Stylus Pen

It is a feeling of writing near ApplePencil.I want to do creative things using a stylus pen/touch pen on iPad Air, which ApplePencil doesn't support.It is recommended for those who say.

Because the pen tip is very fine, I can write a small part, and there is no problem in the part that I want to write strongly by strengthening the pressure of the pen.
It is a very popular product with a high reputation.

It is not easy, but it is a price that is easy to reach, and it is a very good product for the person who has the stylus pen /touch pen for the first time.

It seems to be able to use it for not only illustrations but also a game.(It seems to be a recommended product for those who deliver the popular Tsumutsum on YouTube.))

Very good reaction.
The battery has a long drive time.(45-minute charging and 14-hour drive)
Excellent feeling of feeling.Because it is light, it is easy to carry.
Pairing is also easy.Just knock once on the top of the pen.
Luxury of appearance.Smart and cool.
・Because the magnet part for charging is strong, it sticks to the mowhich has other magnetic forces.
→It is an advantage that it does not come off carelessly at the time of charging、、、but laughs