[Completely saved 2020 version] must-see for beginners!Work efficiency up!Photoshop / Lightroom Action Recommended TOP Site 7 selection – Free & paid [Photo processing / method / usage]

Photoshop action several times in this blog has also introduced.

I think that it is necessary to use it because work efficiency goes up greatly, but it is not found in the middle when trying to find the action of the target.

Seven sites that are recommended at such time to introduce this time.
Photoshop and Lightroom actions are distributed & sold sites.
Because the quality is high, and there are a lot of updates, it is recommended.

If you want to improve photo processing by all means, let's register as a favorite.



There are a number of actions that you can download for free in the category of Freebies.
The paid one is the site of the author ithioshi because the quality is especially high.



Paid sales only.
Because there are a lot of actions for the person, it is recommended for the person photograph to process well.

MCP Actions


A large number of free actions.
Because i mainly sell packages, I recommend it to those who want to buy a large amount of action cheaply.
First, download the free action and try it out.

Florabella Collection


There are a lot of actions that fit perfectly for taking a picture of a person in the outdoors and taking a picture in natural light.
The price is a little higher than $100, but i will never lose it because there are a lot of high quality things.
It is an action for the professional.If you have a lot of outdoor photography, please buy it at the company.

Totally Rad!


The number is small compared to other sites, but it is a very high quality and highly rated action.
If you sign up for a free account, some actions will be available for free, so please try them.

Paint the Moon


A person-specific action.
Just use the action of the site of the person's parts such as eyes, skin, teeth, etc., it becomes clear ly beautiful.
The price is high, but there is worth a price because there are abundant kinds here, too.

Bellevue Avenue


It is an action collection that can be purchased at a comparatively cheap price compared with others.
There are also a number of actions that are specific to the person.Because I often carry out a discount sale, I buy it if the action i want becomes cheap.
There are many free actions in the FREE! category, so please try to download them.


In Japan, there is not much culture of buying action, but you can save a lot of time just by putting out a little money and purchasing the action.

Because I think that the cost-effectiveness is surely high, I recommend that I purchase it once if there is a favorite one by all means.