It is easy to make it with CSS!Flowchart & Diagram 9 selection [timeline, genealogy style, etc.]

Such as the flowchart of the timeline style or trend, you can see on various sites recently.
You can make it in no time if you use images, but it's a lot more confusing when it comes to using style and JS.

So this time, I will introduce the flowchart that can be easily made by CSS and JS.
I'm sure it will be helpful in coding!

SVG Flowchart

See the Pen SVG flowchart by Bill Kroger (@BillKroger) on CodePen.

Mermaid Sequence Diagram

See the Pen Mermaid Sequence Diagram by Antti Nyman (@atnyman) on CodePen.

Simple CSS Flowchart

See the Pen CSS FlowChart by Emil Devantie Brockdorff (@Mestika) on CodePen.

CSS Responsive Flowchart

See the Pen CSS Layout & SVG Practice by Gabriele Corti (@borntofrappe) on CodePen.

DSGN100 – E&P Flowchart

See the Pen DSGN100 – E&P Flowchart by Kwchang (@demonwhite) on CodePen.

Tree view with list tags

See the Pen Tree view from unordered list by Ross Angus (@ross-angus) on CodePen.

Bootstrap Decision Flowchart

See the Pen Bootstrap Determination Flowchart by Melanie Sumner (@melsumner) on CodePen.

Block diagram (genealogy style)

See the Pen Menu parent children as a diagram… by François Lesenne (@francoislesenne) on CodePen.

Horizontal block diagram (genealogy style)

See the Pen CSS Horizontal Family Tree by Peiwen Lu (@P233) on CodePen.