【Fully preserved version】Free commercial use availablePractical Japanese Free Font Summary (by Genre) [Kanji, Katakana, Hiragana Support]

One of the most important elements of design is font.
The impression of the design is rattled by one font.

However, while new european fonts are released every day, japanese fonts are very small compared to European.

In addition, if it is commercially available, and the condition of free is applied, the choice decreases fast.

So this time we will introduce japanese fonts (Japanese fonts) that are commercially available and available for free by genre.

I want a Japanese font, but I don't know which one to put in!If you say, I think the article will be a little helpful now.

In addition, you can usually use all-you-can-use paid fonts are contracted, such as Morisawa passportEven those who say, i'll be in a rut and use the same font.
By using a different font, you can create a design that includes new elements, so free fonts are also worth seeing.
Please take a look.

Easy-to-use fonts with standard type/heading s and body

Genshin Gothic

Gengen Latego

Genji Antic

Gentle Ness Antitic

Tail Antitic

Simple type/ Simple and stylish minimal, font without habit

Engraved Gothic Font

Corporate Logo Medium

Nagomi Ultra-Fine Gothic


Third Ming Dynasty

A clear font that is easy to use for strong type / logo, etc.

Aozora Ming Dynasty

Armored Ming Dynasty

Corporate Logo Bold

Lanobe POP

The body of the body

Cute type/ cute, soft and gentle font

I'm not going to let you down.

Gensoft Gothic X

Pop ramu ☆ cute


※Kanji not supported.The kanji part of the image uses "Pop ramu ☆ cute".

Children's Maru Gothic

*There are few kinds of Kanji.

Elegance type / clean, beautiful, elegant font

Corporate Ming Dynasty

Ming dynasty font

Logo Pupgothic

Black Rose Cinderella

Gentle Gothic

Handwritten type/handwritten font

Shirokuma Font

Work memo scribble

Quail Font

Four seasons

Tanuki Oily Magic

Brush type / Brush-like font

Heiyama Brush Font


There Is A New Letter

A brush

Taroko Font

* No numbers and no letters.Only some kanji are available.