【Free】 Available in AfterEffectsAnimation Font Template [Moving Characters / Anime Text / Typography]

It is surprisingly easy to move and effect letters, fonts, and text.
If you've ever touched AfterEffects with fade-ins and fade-outs, you'll be able to make them in an instant.

However, it is very difficult to move it like writing one character.It's a lot of work.

So this time, I'll show you an animated font that appears to be written little by little with characters that can be used in AfterEffects.

Not to mention the color change and the display speed, it can be changed if the character is an alphanumeric character.
You can create cool font animations in no time.

It seems to be able to use it for the title and the eye catch of the movie!
Please refer to it by all means.

Available in AfterEffectsAnimation font template