【Free】China (Chinese) Wind Ornament Photoshop Brush 85 Species [Handwriting/ Illustration]

There are many Japanese-style brushes and materials, but i can't find any Chinese-style brushes.
So this time, I'll introduce the ornament brush of the Chinese style.

Just combine a few and you'll get a Chinese-style atmosphere in no time.

Because there is a peculiar feeling that the atmosphere of the Chinese system is not in other regions, let's get it on this occasion because it is serious to make it by oneself.
I think that it becomes a reference, too.

21 Chinese-style decorative brushes

20 species of 13-constellation brush of the zodiac of the Chinese hieroglyphic style

Six Chinese-style color brushes

16 kinds of Chinese painting-style brushes decorated with lotus

16 kinds of Chinese painting style brushes based on flowers

Six Chinese-style decorative brushes with the image of a dragon