Flip card animation collection that can be implemented in CSS [such as rotation and inversion, tile design, etc.]

I introduced the card made with CSS of the material design last time.


This time, I will introduce a collection of flip card animations with more animation.

It is interesting to have various movements such as rotation and inversion, it is essential that you want to actually incorporate it into web design!
Because there are many things that move only in CSS, it is easy to implement the display speed quickly.

Clickable Flip Card

See the Pen Pure CSS clickable flip cards by Kacper Parzęcki (@kacpertn4t) on CodePen.

Flip card implementing Lazy Loading

See the Pen Lazy Loading Fig+Figcaption & Flipping Card by Alex Paul (@alex_paul) on CodePen.

Vertical rotation flip card

See the Pen Flipping Card by Dmitry Korobov (@DmitryKorobov) on CodePen.

Vertical, left, right, diagonal lysis flip cards

See the Pen CSS 3D Flip Cards by Welling Guzman (@wellingguzman) on CodePen.

Frippy Cards

See the Pen flippyCards by Kayleigh (@kayfo23) on CodePen.

3D rotating flip card with characters floating

See the Pen 3D Flip Cards Pure CSS and HTML by Arash Rasteh (@ArashRasteh) on CodePen.

Versatile vertical rotation, left and right rotation flip card

See the Pen Pure CSS Flip Card by Aron (@Aoyue) on CodePen.

Flip cards that rotate with a click

See the Pen 3D Product Cards by Zac (@Zacaree) on CodePen.

Parallax flip card with letters floating

See the Pen Parallax Card by Hakkam Abdullah (@Moslim) on CodePen.

Eight Parallax flip cards

See the Pen Parallax Flipping Cards by Tyrell Rummage (@tyrellrummage) on CodePen.

Flip card to flip and enlarge by click

See the Pen Element Card – Group 11 element by Mario Duarte (@MarioDesigns) on CodePen.

Flip card that displays SW character animation in rollover

See the Pen 3D Flipping Cards by Rita Bradley (@ritalbradley) on CodePen.

Web Business Card Style Flip Card

See the Pen ampersand flash card | css knockout text + flip animation by Eina O (@thelittleblacksmith) on CodePen.

Generic flip cards that flip left and right with a click

See the Pen Flipping card by Sergey Nikishkin (@nikishkin) on CodePen.