[High quality & free] 38 packaging mock-ups of foodMust see if you want to design a package of food! !【Photoshop】

It is a mock-up that makes the design stand out when the design of the package and the logo are designed, and it submits it to the client.
Mock-ups such as books and boxes are often mock-ups, but there are many mock-ups of food systems.

So today we have 38 mock-ups dedicated to food, and here are some resources that you can download for free.

The file is 1.6G and i want to weigh a little bit, but it's a considerable quality.
If you are designing a package package for food, if you are studying, please download it!

Free downloadable food packaging mock-up package

Meat Packaging


Packaging of milk and drinks


Packaging like butter or corned beef package


A total of 38 mock-ups are included.
The resolution is high, and it is recommended for printing.

Download here