Commercial work is also possible!60 kinds of handwritten gadget-based vector images that can be used for free!(AI, EPS, PDF, SVG, PNG) [Free / Handwriting / Illustration]

This time, I will introduce 60 kinds of gadget-based vector images of handwriting style.

AI format, EPS format, PDF format, SVG format, PNG format can be downloaded in a set, in addition to can be used to suit the application and use software, there is no loss to download because commercial is also possible.

By the spread of smartphones these days, so i think the situation to use the icon of the ajet system is increasing by all means, let's use such as presentations and web sites, flyers.

Hand-drawn Geek's Treasure Chest


Since the illustrations are gadget-based, not to mention smartphones, personal computers, tablets, smart watches, controllers, battery stallas, and other things are included.


In addition, since down-row is also possible in SVG and AI format, the size can be changed freely.

Download here

Learn more about handwritten gadget vector images

Please refer to the following for detailed illustrations.

Because there are three patterns of the illustration similar, it is slightly sharp and seems to be interesting when I change only the pattern while using the icon of the same kind.


It is possible to commercial for free, so let's download it.

Download here