[Available for free] 53 kinds of high quality shiny gold texture material!There are a lot of gold leaf and metal!【Metallic Gold】

There are times when you want to express gold when you draw and create cool typography and illustrations.
I think that it is also possible to make it by making full use of the gradient such as photosho and irare, but it takes a lot of time to express the gold of a realistic texture.

So this time, i will introduce a shiny gold texture material that is full of gold foil and metallic gold metal that can be used when such gold is needed.
Because it is high quality, it is good for a printed matter.I think that there are quite a lot of scenes that need gold, so please take this opportunity!

Simple gold leaf-like gold texture

Gold texture with a gold liquid-like texture

Origami-like gold leaf-like gold texture

Clean gold leaf style gold texture without habit

Metallic Gold Texture

Beautiful gold leaf-like gold texture that seems to be used for folding screens and walls

Gold texture with fiber-like texture

Metallic gold texture with metallic texture

Painted gold texture with gold acrylic

Metallic gold texture with strong shine

Metallic gold texture 2 with strong shine

Metallic gold texture with strong shine 3

Wrinkled Wrinklegold Texture

Gold leaf texture with paint-like texture

15 kinds of easy-to-use metallic gold textures

Gold leaf-like gold texture with paper texture

9 metallic gold textures

Acrylic paint-like metallic gold texture