【Free】Add lightning to the photoLightning Overlay Texture Effect Material 20 Types

We introduced the overlay texture effect that can rain and snow freely before.

【無料】簡単5秒!写真に雪を降らす事が出来るテクスチャエフェクトjpg素材20種 【無料】写真に雨を降らす!雨のテクスチャエフェクトjpg素材20種類

This time, I will introduce the overlay texture effect that lightning can be put freely in the photograph.

You can change the color, versatility, such as combined with various photos seems to be high!
It seems to be good even if I match the texture of rain that I introduced last time.

Like the overlay texture of rain and snow, it can thunder down on your photos in just a few clicks, making it easy for anyone to use.

Let's download it by all this chance!

Lightning Overlay Texture Effect 20 Species

【無料】簡単5秒!写真に雪を降らす事が出来るテクスチャエフェクトjpg素材20種 【無料】写真に雨を降らす!雨のテクスチャエフェクトjpg素材20種類