Free & commercial50 kinds of plant-based brushes for Photoshop specialized in grasses, leaves, ivy, etc. [nature / free / decoration / illustration]

Plant-based illustrations such as grass, leaves, ivy, and ivy that are needed as a point when making logo designs and designs.
I think that it is likely to compromise after all, and to often make it by oneself over time because a good material is not found in the middle.

So today, I would like to introduce 50 kinds of plant brushes that specialize in nature, such as grasses, leaves, ivy, etc.
Let's download it and register it in Photoshop by all means!

Photoshop Plant Brushes 23 species


High quality ivy and grass brushes.
Because it is simple and carefully made, there is no difference from the real thing.
It is a brush that is considerably easy to use.

Download here

Hi Resolution Vintage Plants Photoshop Brushes 7


Pretty realistic vintage plant brushes.

Download here

20 Ivy PS Brushes Abr Vol.1 (20 species)


A color brush with a color of teeth.
Because this is a standard, this is easy to use.
Because the color is attached from the original, I can use it as it is.

Download here

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