[Favorite required] photos, vector images , icons, videos, fonts are all free of chargeRegister your stockio as your favorite.【Free Material】

It takes time to find the material, doesn't it?
There are high quality things that are paid, but if it's free, it's not all that.

This photo is free and good, but credit is required.
It's free, but low image quality.
I found a good material, but it is expensive.

I think that is often.
Moreover, the dondon time passes while looking for it lost.

Today, we will introduce "stockio", a site that allows you to use all the things you need to create a site, such as photos and vector materials, videos, fonts, etc. that can solve such problems.

What is stockio?

It is a material site that can download high quality and non-lifeal images, vector materials, icons, videos, fonts, etc. for free.

The number of materials is also very large, so you can usually find the materialyou want here.

In addition, because there are various materials as described above, it is possible to align fonts, photographs, icons, etc. on one site, and it is possible to save time greatly when design ing.

From the following items, i will explain what kind of icons and materials there are.

stockio here

Free Stock Photography


Of course, the download of the photograph is free.
It is also possible to search by color.



There are more than 22,000 various photographs such as landscape photographs, animals, people, etc. as described above, and it is considerably convenient.

Each image can also be downloaded in a range ranging from a small size of 800 x 600 to a larger size of 4,000px or more.

The camera and lens are also displayed, so it is also recommended for people who specialize in photography.
In addition to using it as a material, you will also learn the angle and proof of photography.

Free Vectors


Over 3,500 free vector materials.
Can be used as a variety of elements such as patterns, textures, icons, banners!

Because the vector material such as being sold for a fee in other sites is distributed for free, it is really helpful.

Almost all materials can be downloaded in EPS format.
You can also go downlow in high resolution jpeg.

Free Icons


You can also download minimal icons as much as you like.
With more than 5,000 free icons, you'll almost find what you're looking for.

Web design and apps, it can be used in a variety of applications, convenient!

Free Videos


God specification that more than 1,000 kinds of videos can be used for free.
Because there are few sites that distribute videos for free, it is really rare.

Ideal for web site backgrounds.
I think this is honestly amazing.

Free Fonts


Useful fonts can be seen in the list, so it is convenient.
There seem to be more than 11,000 fonts in total, so i'll have all the fonts I want to use here.

It takes time to find the font you want to use unexpectedly, so it seems to be a short time.


How did you like it?
I registered as a favorite the moment I found it.

The site seems to be operated by advertising revenue, but it is easy to see because the advertising situation is also small.
Please take a look if you are really interested.

stockio here