【Trend】Web design of the fashion all over the worldIntroducing the stylish site that was entered in April 2018 at AWWWARDS [Inspiration]

The design of the web site is the same as clothes, and there is a fashion and it is obsolete.
I introduced in the previous article in the last, gradient has become a boom, I think to see in various sites.

So today, i'll introduce a good web design of the evaluation that was entered in April from AWWWARDS where refined designs from all over the world gather.

I think that i can know the latest trend, please refer to the site production and the design by all means.

Toggl(Toggle): United Kingdom


Xavier Cussó: Spain


Conti Ducco: Italy


Geex Arts: Russia


Maison Riviera: Canada


The Shift: Japan


Carl Nielsen Int Competition: Denmark


Design Canada Design Canada


Bram Krekels – Portfolio: Netherlands


United Athle Look Book SS 2018: Japan


Thomas May Bespoke Joinery: United Kingdom


INRA Highlights France


Muffin Group: Poland


Port 32 Fort Lauderdale: USA


Summary of web design trends in the world

Of course, there were many sites that use gradients, but I thought throughout that there are many sites that move.

In the past, sites using videos and heavy GIFs in relation to data capacity were reluctant, but most recently, is it due to the fact that the communication speed went up and such a display speed and capacity problem was cleared?

Web site production that moves in Japan, such as GIFMAGAZINE company seems to be becoming popular, and take up somewhere and put such a gimmick at the time of site production and attention to the future trend, You may be able to drive the trend.

The design element which I felt that there were a lot of this time
Part or all of the site moves finely
Design that combines photography and typography