【Free/commercial】Flare like sunlight is easy17 kinds of overlay video footage of anamorphic lens flare [Premiere/AE/FinalCut support]

If you want to do a dazzling sunlight or blinding effect on video, you can actually go to a place where the sun is strong, but it's difficult to take a picture of what you wanted considering the weather conditions.

So this time, I will introduce flare overlay material of the anamorphic lens style corresponding to widescreen.
You can put the overlay motion graphic on the video material, and you can put the flare like dazzling light on the video just by overlaying it.

Because there are 17 kinds of lens flare in total, it is possible to use it separately depending on the application.

Let's download it.

Flare easy!17 kinds of overlay material for anamorphic lens flare