[UI designer must see] movement is interestingCSS animation collection part1 without a doubt to catch the eye

In recent years, many of the designs have light animations, aren't they?
Animation may be one of the most important factors because it's still eye-catching.

So today, I'm going to introduce a css animation part1 that is interesting and practical, which can be easily introduced with CSS and JS coppe.

Part2 is here ↓


CSS loading animation

Animated Shopping Cart Icons

Hamburger Icon CSS3 ONLY Animation

404 Animated Character

CSS Mars Landing

CSS The Avengers

Pure CSS Day/Night Toggle Swith

Google Now 3rd Party Apps

clo clo clo

CSS preloader!

Submit Button (GSAP edition)

See the Pen Submit Button (GSAP edition) by auginator (@auginator) on CodePen.

Elastic SVG Sidebar Material Design

Particle button

Gooey Menu


The ultimate hamburger menu