【Free】Beginner's must seeIt can be used in Lightroom and Photoshop!30 kinds of film dust texture that the atmosphere like a retro film photograph shines in the photograph shines is put out!

Retro photo-style processing is also a recent trend.
There are a lot of presets distributed, but most of them change color and brightness.
There are quite a few things that seem to be weathered in a good feeling, such as blurry conditions and scratches.

So today I will introduce 30 kinds of textures that can put out such a wound, the hazy condition, and the image that it is weathered.

The texture that was actually captured and processed by the scanner has reality and improves the quality.
Let's download it by all means.

30 Free Film Dust Textures




All file formats are jpeg.
It is convenient because i can adjust it by myself how I want to overlap it such as cover-baking and subtraction.

Download here