【Free】 Photoshop user installation required!Photoshop plug-in 6 selection convenient for web design [recommended extension]

Photoshop is an essential tool for web design.
Photoshop itself has various functions, but there are cases where you can't reach the itchy place in the process of producing it.

Photoshop plug-ins are recommended at such time.
Those who are used, I think surprisingly few?

So today, I will introduce a plug-in to further power up Photoshop and increase the business brain efficiency.

Web designer is a must see!

HTML Block


Web designer essential tool.
What a plug-in that can be displayed what you wrote in HTML in photoshop canvas when you enter HTML and CSS.

In terms of image, it is an image close to a live view such as Dreamweaver.
Of course, you can also adjust the displayed one with the function of normal Photoshop.

I play an active part in the production and adjustment of the thing of the similar site and the package.

PS Pen Panel


Plug-in scan to adjust vectors like Illustrator.

I made illustrations in Illustrator, brought them to Photoshop, and no longer need ed.

It is not possible to do things like Illustrator in full, but this plug-in is sufficient if it is a production of a simple icon and an illustration.



A plug-in that automates all the troublesome work when designing ui and making wireframes.

Realistic dummy text and images can be easily used.

You can also easily upload your data to the cloud and share it with project members.
It also acts as a project management tool.

Recently, the ability to insert images from stock photos has also been added, making it more convenient.

Photoshop, of course, sketch is also compatible with Sketch users i appreciate.

Cut&Slice Me


Photoshop's slice tool, I don't like it very much because it's hard to use.

Cut &slice me is a very useful plug-in when you can adjust the export image by setting the layer name, you can automatically export to the image of the resolution to suit each device, when saving the material from Photoshop.

Long Shadow Generator


A tool that makes it easy to create long shadows as the name suggests.

If the drop shadow is not enough, you need to make another layer, copy the original material and blur the work process such as . . . but if you have this plug-in, you can adjust the length of the shadow just by moving the slider.

Since material design is still in vogue, by changing the length of the shadow, the design seems to be strong and be able to make the better one.



This is definitely required to be installed.Very useful.
In addition to the fonts that have been installed on the PC, Google font is also a plug-in that will be available on Photoshop.

From the search of Google fonts, you can keep the fonts you use often because you can also register favorites.

Sketch support is also coming soon.


How did you like it?
We have introduced based on the plug-in that I mainly use.

Even if you don't think it's such a big deal, you'll spend a lot of time increasing it to 10,100.
Make your work more efficient with useful tools.

However, please note that if you put the plug-in too much as a precaution, photoshop may run slowly.

Illustrator also has a plug-in that is easy to use as well, so i'll introduce it at another opportunity.

*Please check the detailed terms and conditions at each site.