How to easily create a color palette with procreate for iPad & Tablet

It's hard to make the right color by yourself.
Especially, the method of selecting the color palette by choosing the color by oneself is general when it is a pro creation of the iPad version.

So today, I'm going to show you how to make a color palette with a good color palette with easy shades and combinations in Procreate.

How to make a color palette of good shades easily with Procreate

The video below is detailed.

In a brief way,
Visit Adobe's color palette site below.

The following screen appears, so select "Explore" in the upper menu.


Then you'll see a lot of palettes with good shades and combinations.


Just take a screenshot of what you like, start Procreate, insert a screenshot, suck up the color with the Color Pick tool, and register with the swatch.

If you name the palette, it will be easier to work later, so let's give it a name.

You can make a color palette of the hue and the combination that is good of my favor only by doing this.

Read already created curry palette, swatch data

You can also use dropbox, email, or other apps to load swatch data that has already been created and add it to the color palette in seconds.

37 swatches data are distributed at the following sites:
Please use it if you like because it is convenient.
FREE Procreate Color Swatches: 37+ Palettes for Painti