[Sketch user must see] work is greatly more efficientRecommended latest Sketch plug-in 7 selection [WEB designer / UI designer] 2019 version

Sketch has increased the number of transfers from Photoshop for several years.

And the lightness of the overwhelming operation, from the sharpness of the coding, if you are using a Mac and doing mainly UI design, I think many of you have moved to Sketch.

So today i will introduce a plug-in to make the work more efficient, which is recommended for such Sketch users.



Plug-ins that can be used in Sketch features such as launcher app "Alfred" familiar to Mac users.

Such as the operation that had used the mouse up to now, it is excellent thing that can be done only by the shortcut of the keyboard.

You can set it yourself, or you can use the one that you have already set.
If you can use it well, it will lead to a significant efficiency of work.

Rename It


You can also replace and add characters, specify keywords, and insert sequential number, width, height, etc.

I think that there are a lot of people who are installed because it is a famous plug-in.

Because there are many things at work that replace the sentence in the end, if you do not install by all means, let's put.



Plug-in that can confirm and adjust the design in various sizes.
It is a necessary plug-in for those who produce wb site in responsive design.

I think that there are a lot of people who are struggling because the screen size of the smartphone is different recently.
I think there are some people who have been producing full-screen sizes over a lot of time.
If you like that, install it now.



There are a lot of useful features and plug-ins.

You can swap fonts, create slices, delete unwanted styles, sort layers, and more.
I show the real value further by using it in conjunction with Runner.

Select Children


A plug-in that allows you to select all child layers in a group.
It is convenient to be sober!

Copy & Paste Shadows


Remains the name.A plug-in that allows you to copy shadows attached to one element and paste them directly into the other elements in the same way.

It is convenient when there is a lot of simple work.



A plug-in that automates all the troublesome work when designing ui and making wireframes.

Realistic dummy text and images can be easily used.
You can also easily upload your data to the cloud and share it with project members.

It also acts as a project management tool.
Recently, the ability to insert images from stock photos has also been added, making it more convenient.


Let's also put Sketch Plugin Monster in the bonus.
This makes it easier to manage plug-ins.

Because the plug-in introduced this time is for practice, but it is a function to use if you put it, but it may be unnecessary depending on the person.

Sketch itself is light operation, but it becomes heavy when you put the plug-in by all means.
In such a case, let's remove the plug-in which is not used in Sketch Plugin Monster.

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